ExamTrack improves communication and reduces administration by up to 85%

“ExamTrack has greatly improved the exams process for teachers, head office staff, examiners and students. Our staff do not have to worry about entering data as the examiners enter the results online. We are now free to focus on other tasks and member requests.” - Helen Mence, The Graded Qualifications Alliance

Our Client

The Graded Qualifications Alliance offer a structured series of performance and auxiliary subject qualifications from entry level examinations to build confidence in young pupils to advanced qualifications for highly experienced artists. The exams assess pupils in a carefully selected set of domains which are developed to assess their personal expression, social, physical, teamwork and performance skills.

The challenge of managing performance examinations.

Dependant on age, ability and performance domain, GQAL offer an extensive list of qualifications which need to be applied for, scheduled and graded. Organising so many applications from training centres is a highly complex task.

The process is tedious, lengthy, expensive and often unreliable. It involves the completion of various paper forms and the postage of them between the awarding body and training centres and vice versa. After the initial paperwork, the examiner would become the third party to be involved in the continuous mail cycle in order to organise an exam session and send back results thereafter. The back and forth approach is a slow process, which can usually take over 3 months, from application, through to the final awarding of the qualification.

How has the software enhanced the examinations process?

Using ExamTrack, the whole process has been streamlined which makes the examinations process much easier, quicker, and more reliable. The physical posting of forms has ceased; teachers can apply online for an examination session as well as providing all the supporting information and payment. All information is available online, so all involved members of the GQAL and schools have access to relevant information regarding the application process for each student. The examiners have access so they can confirm their availability to assess a performance then afterwards enter all results electronically, enabling faster moderation and publication of results.

Benefits to GQAL

Automating processes and reducing manual entry, errors and duplication. Easy access for; teachers, examiners, and awarding body staff.
Information is safely stored on the system and can only be accessed by authorised people.
Business Intelligence
Easy access to useful analytic information which supports important business decisions about qualification’s and future strategies.
The software has a simple design and is easy to operate. Customers have enjoyed the benefits of a faster, more efficient system.
Notifications mean that problems can be dealt with quickly and marketing messages can been distributed easily.
Staff time is used more efficiently; no lengthy data input and no delays attributed to unreliable post. No postage costs are required, as information is entered and stored online.