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WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Wannacry (Wannacrypt) is a ransomware program targeting Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It works very similarly to cryptolocker in such a way that if infected, your files will be locked and made inaccessible unless you pay a ransom fee to the attacker.

On Friday 12th May 2017, a large cyber-attack occurred, infecting more than 250,000 computers in 150 countries across the world, the most notably affected organisation in the United Kingdom being the NHS.

How do I know if I have been infected?

If you have been infected with WannaCry, you will see an image similar to the below:

Unecom Team

This will appear whenever you attempt to open an encrypted file on your computer.

How can I stay safe?

The most important factor in staying safe during a cyber-attack is to remain vigilant and be on-guard...

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Data Encryption for the Financial Services Industry

Many firms have staff that work from home or use laptops and other portable devices such as memory sticks and CDs to store or transfer customer data. You should consider the risks to your customer data that could arise from these situations, particularly the loss or theft of a laptop or portable device.

It is poor practice for you or your staff to hold customer data on laptops and other portable devices which are not encrypted. The Information Commissioner has recently stated that firms should ensure that laptops and other portable devices used to store customer data should be encrypted. Companies and Advisors who own their own clients and, therefore, process their clients’ personal data are considered to be Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act (DPA). As such they are required...

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