A platform which improves, enhances & automates the management of graded qualifications

ExamTrack is an integrated system which is capable of managing both examinations and business processes, ExamTrack will free up the time of head office staff so that they can concentrate on running a successful awarding body.

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Custom Workflows
The workflow of each qualification can be tuned to match your processes.
Audit Trail
A full audit trail is included for quality assurance purposes.
Secure Payments
With flexible payment integration, ExamTrack has full support for online transactions.
Certificate Management
Tracks and protects certificates and provides easy searching and re-printing functionality.
Secure Member Portal
Featuring a rich dashboard showing relevant and useful information.
Custom Quality Assurance
The built in assessment moderation and quality control system can be tailored to automate your existing processes.
Session Scheduling
Members are able to book and schedule their own examination sessions which allows them greater control.
Notification System
All stakeholders are alerted when actions are required.